Who was Abdul Sattar Edhi?


Who was Abdul Sattar Edhi, the subject of the Google Doodle on 28 Feb 2017, the image at the top of the Google homepage?

Abdul Sattar Edhi was founder of the Edhi Foundation which is the largest volunteer ambulance network in Pakistan. founded the world's largest volunteer ambulance network in Pakistan, the Edhi Foundation.

Google said it was honouring "a global-reaching philanthropist and humanitarian who made it his life’s mission to helping those in need... In 1951, he established the Edhi foundation, which is funded solely by private donations. The foundation, which operates 24 hours a day, provides a variety of social services from homeless shelters to medical care — all free of charge — and has helped thousands of people around the world in times of need. Most notably, the foundation operates the world’s largest volunteer ambulance network in Pakistan. 'In my entire life I have driven no other car except my ambulance,' Edhi said."

It would have been his 89th birthday on 28 Feb 2017 - he died in 2016.

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