Who is getting a BT price cut?


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Which customers are getting a cut in their BT landline price?

UK customers of BT who have only a landline, ie without broadband, could to receive a £5-a-month price cut after regulator Ofcom decided they were not getting value for money. Most of the customers affected are elderly, and their bills would fall from £18.99 a month to £13.99. Ofcom boss Sharon White said it was proposing the cut and seeking views from customers and industry. She told the BBC:

"We believe there are about two million elderly and vulnerable [BT customers] - strikingly about half are in their late seventies - and for this group of people their landline is their lifeline... It's a group of people who have seen the cost of their landline bills rise by about a third in recent years, while BT's costs have fallen by about a quarter."

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