What did the reviews of Prime Suspect 1973 say?


They were mixed.

With the likes of Line of Duty, Unforgotten and a reinvigorated Broadchurch on the television beat, Prime Suspect 1973 looks not just obsolete but unwittingly so as well.

"It is entertaining enough; sensibly, not all the men are misogynist monsters, the sexism instead seeping like a miasma through everything, so you may well find yourself coming back for more. Hopefully the plot and script will thicken, even if we are unlikely to see prime Prime Suspect’s like again."

"Young Jane isn’t our Jane, she’s just a character called Jane Tennison who’s younger than the Jane Tennison we know. She doesn’t seem to have much personality and there’s no sense that she’s a barrier-breaker. Mirren’s Tennison left our screens more than a decade ago. I’d be thrilled if she were to return in 2017 in a new story. But as someone we don’t know who’s a lot younger? No, not bothered."

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