What has Nigel Farage said about Trump's victory being thanks to Brexit?


Nigel Farage. Gage Skidmore

What has former UKIP leader Nigel Farage said about his relationship with President Donald Trump?

Nigel Farage, former UKIP leader, said in an interview with the BBC about Donald Trump:

"This guy believes he has a contract with the American people. He was elected on a ticket , he was elected on a manifesto and come hell or high water he is going to deliver that manifesto and I think in democratic terms that’s refreshing. And in terms of the man himself, I have to say I really believe this guy has very strong moral courage. He wants to see this through."

"There’s one thing we have in common and that is we’re probably the two most vilified people in the West over the course of the past couple of years. I mean everybody has just thrown shedloads of abuse at us, so we’ve been through the same baptism of fire as it were with the media and with other political commentators. I think that what Donald Trump - and not just him, but the people around him - I think what they see is that I was a pretty lonely warrior, battling for Brexit for over two decades. We finally got there and I think Team Trump believe that they would not have won had it not been for the dynamism and optimism that Brexit gave people who do not normally bother to vote. So I think they’re very pleased, and look I’ll be honest with you, I’ve known some of the people around Donald Trump for many many years. They are what I would regard as friends."


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