What does George Osborne know about London?


Why should George Osborne be made editor of the London Evening Standard?

George Osborne was born in London, and went to school there. He has been an MP for Tatton in Cheshire since 2001 and while chancellor of the exchequer, and since he left office, he championed the idea of a "Northern Powerhouse" - big English cities such as Manchester, Sheffield and Leeds being a focus for economic development. But on accepting the editor's job, he said there was no contradiction. He said:

I remain passionate about the Northern Powerhouse and will continue to promote that cause. Right from the first speech I gave about the North of England, I’ve said that London needs a successful north and the north benefits from its links to a global city like London. It’s not a zero-sum game, but quite the opposite.

The paper's owner Evgeny Lebedev said Osborne's "political viewpoint – socially liberal and economically pragmatic – closely matches that of many of our readers... George is London through and through".

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