Did George Galloway quote Saddam Hussein?


George Galloway. Vince Millett

Has left-wing politician George Galloway used Saddam's words?

Yes, and not for the first time.

Announcing his candidacy as an independent for the Parliamentary by-election in Manchester Gorton, Galloway wrote:

"If I were to win here it would be the Mother of All by-election victories for “The hard working people of Gorton” who would never be forgotten again.

The phrase "mother of all battles" was famously used by Saddam Hussein to describe the first Iraq war in 1991. Galloway has often been criticised for his flattering statements to Saddam, but he has used the construction "mother of all" several times. He has hosted a radio show called The Mother of All Talkshows, and has also used the phrases "mother of all protests", "mother of all documentaries" and "mother of all smokescreens".

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