Did Martin McGuinness kill anyone?


Martin McGuinness. Sinn Féin

Did the former IRA member Martin McGuinness kill anyone?

He was never charged with killing anyone, and he didn't admit to killing anyone. Speaking in a TV interview in 2015, he said:

“I never talk about shooting anybody. But I do acknowledge that I was a member of the IRA and as a member of the IRA I obviously engaged in fighting back against the British army.”

His interviewer, Eamonn Mallie then asked: “You mean killing, Martin, don’t you?” McGuinness responded:

“What I am not going to do is give people a sensational headline by saying on such and such a night I was involved in a gun battle with the British army and 25 British soldiers were killed. I am not into that and I am not going to get into that.”

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