What did Nigel Farage say about the European Parliament being like the mafia?


Nigel Farage. Gage Skidmore

What did former UKIP leader Nigel Farage tell MEPs about them being like the mafia?

Nigel Farage told the European Parliament at a session about the terms of Brexit in Strasbourg on 5 April:

"You’ve shown yourselves with these demands to be vindictive, to be nasty. All I can say is thank goodness we’re leaving. You’re behaving like the Mafia. You think we’re a hostage, we’re not, we’re free to go.”

There were shouts from other MEPs, and European Parliament president Antonio Tajani told him: "Sorry Mr Farage... I"m trying to give you the chance to speak, but if you are talking about the Mafia... if you're saying this parliament is behaving like the Mafia? As far as I'm concerned that is unacceptable."

Farage then continued:

"I do understand, Mr President, national sensitivities. I'll change it to 'gangsters'. That's how we are being treated. We are being given a ransom note... It’s not us that will be hurt. We don’t have to buy German motorcars, we don’t have to buy French wine, we don’t have to eat Belgian chocolate... You want to put the interests of the EU above that of your citizens and your companies... If you continue with this road, it won’t just be the UK that triggers Article 50, there’ll be many more to come.”

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