What social media activity stops people getting jobs?


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Do employers look at people's Facebook, Twitter, Instragram or Snapchat before offering them jobs?

A survey by YouGov found that 19% of employers look at a potential employee's social media activity before offering them a job. In cases where they decide not to give them a job, the reasons are because their profiles show:

  • Aggressive or offensive behaviour (75%)
  • References to drug use (71%)
  • Bad spelling/grammer (56%)
  • Drunken photos of themselves (47%)
  • Political views (29%)
  • General oversharing (29%)
  • Vanity (26%)

31% of employers said they would NOT look at an applicant's profile, but of those that did:

  • 48% said they would look at LinkedIn
  • 46% Facebook
  • 28% Twitter
  • 15% Instagram
  • 5% MySpace
  • 5% Tumblr
  • 5% Flickr

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