How did Julia the autistic muppet make her debut on Sesame Street?


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What happened when Sesame Street introduced a new character with autism

The long-running children's programme Sesame Street introduced a new character, Julia, who has autism. In the show, Elmo introduces her to Big Bird, saying:

Elmo: This is our friend Julia.

Big Bird: Oh hi Julia, I'm Big Bird. Nice to meet you. (No response.) Oh.... Julia?

Allen: Julia's just concentrating on her painting right now.

Later, Allen explains more to Big Bird:

Allen: She has autism. She likes it when people know that.

Big Bird: Autism? What's autism?

Allen: Well, for Julia it means that she might not answer you right away.

Elmo: Yeah. Julia doesn't say a lot.

Allen: That's right. And she might not do what you expect, like give you a High Five.

Abby Cadabby: Yeah. She does things just a little differently... in a Julia sort of way.

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