What were the reviews for Peter Kay's Car Share?


Did the reviewers like Car Share?

Metro: [I]t all feels so very obvious and predictable... Considering that we waited a whole two years for this new series, the next few episodes have a lot of making up to do to be honest.

Daily Mail: "Many viewers think Peter Kay is the funniest man on television and will be bouncing on their sofas, whooping at Car Share’s return. I’m just not one of them.

Daily Telegraph: "The script recalled the work of Victoria Wood, Caroline Aherne and even Alan Bennett. This was humour of the everyday: low-key yet keenly observed, sharp yet compassionate, full of cosy colloquialisms and delicious turns of phrase. Into their deceptively simple set-up, Kay and his co-writers (who include his underrated co-star Gibson) pour wit, warmth and a whole lot of heart... On sofas nationwide, the same soppy grin spread across viewers’ faces. A winning return for this ingenious comic gem.

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