Why doesn't Cressida Dick take her full salary?


What is the reason for the new Metropolitan Police chief not taking all the wages she's entitled to?

Cressida Dick is entitled to £270,000 salary but has decided to take only £230,000. She explained her decision to the Evening Standard, saying:

"It was a very personal thing. I was not trying to make a big statement. We live in a world where nothing is private. I am not seeking to set a precedent or say to my senior team anything other than you are entitled to the money. I was simply saying that for me, I don’t need that money, my family do not need that money, and that this is a time of austerity and the Met is under pressure.

“It has certainly been put to me, about women earning less. I have fought for equality and fair treatment throughout my working life. I joined the police, actually, to protect the weak from the strong and to make the world a better place. I do believe that one of the great things that has happened in my working life is the extraordinary change in the position of women. However, that is not where it should be, yet. There is pay inequality. It was just not an issue for me. The Mayor offered it and wanted me to have the full salary.”

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