What is in the Labour party manifesto?


Jeremy Corbyn at rally in Liverpool. kevinzim

What policies are included in the draft version of the Labour party manifesto that was leaked this week? #generalelection

A draft version of the Labour manifesto was leaked today. It was due to be unveiled next week. The draft manifesto includes pledges for:

  • Scrapping university tuition fees
  • 100,000 additional police officers
  • 100,000 new council homes a year
  • Rent control protection for private tenants
  • Scrapping the "bedroom tax"
  • 30mbps broadband internet service to all households by 2022
  • To re-nationalise the railways
  • To extend the high speed rail connection HS2 into Scotland
  • A promise of no tax rises for anyone earning under £80,000
  • A ban on zero hours contracts
  • 1,000 more border guards
  • Guaranteeing the "triple lock" and a minimum 2.5% increase on state pensions
  • Lower the voting age to 16

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