Has there been a terrorist attack in Manchester?


Insignia of the Greater Manchester Police. The Laird of Oldham

Have rumours of a terrorist explosion at Manchester Arena in England been confirmed and what do we know about what happened?

A statement from Greater Manchester Police says they are treating it as a terrorist incident.

GM Police have confirmed an explosion, believed to be caused by an explosive device, has killed 22 and injured 59 people as they were leaving an Ariana Grande concert.

The incident happened around 10:30pm on Monday night (22nd of May, 2017) and happened outside the venue, in a public space according to a statement from Manchester Arena.

An additional suspect device was found and detonated in a controlled explosion at around 1:30am, police later confirmed it it was "abandoned clothing".

The American news service NBC News has reported:

Multiple senior U.S. law enforcement officials briefed by British authorities told NBC News that forensic evidence at the scene — including a body found at the blast site — indicated a suicide attack.

Speaking just after 7.00am this morning, Chief Constable of Greater Manchester Police Ian Hopkins confirmed a single male attacker as being responsible and the attacker is deceased, but that it has not been established if he acted alone or was working with others.

An emergency number is available for those concerned about loved ones or anyone who may have been in the area 0161 856 9400.

Anyone with concerns is urged to contact the Anti-Terrorist Hotline 0800 787321.

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