Is Boris Johnson going to try to become prime minister?


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After the bad election result for the Conservatives and Theresa May, is foreign secretary Boris Johnson going to try to become prime minister?

He says not - though he is well known for having the desire to become prime minister. In an article in the Sun, Johnson wrote that Theresa May's election result had been a "stunning achievement" and that she deserved the support of the party. He wrote:

"And she will certainly get it from me... To those that say the PM should step down, or that we need another election or even - God help us - a second referendum, I say come off it. Get a grip, everyone. This is the third year running that we have forced the people out to the polls. This is the third year running that they have been accosted at stations and asked for their support, or had campaign literature thrust into their hands."

That is not to say, of course, that if Mrs May was forced to resign that Mr Johnson wouldn't be interested in the job.


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