What are the DUP's policies?


What policies does the Democratic Unionist Party have?

In the 2017 election, the DUP's manifesto included the following policies:

  • Protect Northern Ireland’s place in the United Kingdom
  • Restore devolution at Stormont as quickly as possible
  • Resist attempts to "rewrite" NI's troubled past and assist innocent victims in obtaining justice
  • Ensure there is a "frictionless" border between NI and the Republic of Ireland
  • Ensure NI has ability to opt in to EU funding when it is proven to add value
  • End jurisdiction of European Court of Justice and increase control over UK laws
  • Reduce NI’s corporation tax rate to at least 12.5
  • Support the maintenance of the pensions ‘triple lock’

Although not in its manifesto, the DUP opposes changes to the abortion laws in Northern Ireland which restrict abortion to cases where there is permanent or serious risk to a woman's mental or physical health, and do not include rape or incest. It opposes gay marriage. And one of its prominent figures, Sammy Wilson, who was environment minister, denies climate change.

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