Why isn't the Queen wearing the crown for the Queen's Speech?


Graffiti Queen. garryknight

The official reason that the Queen is not wearing the crown for the Queen's Speech in Parliament on 21 June 2017 is that it was too soon after the Trooping the Colour parade to organise a formal procession in full costumes. However there might be something else going on. One thing is that the speech is being downplayed because the Government doesn't have a majority and can't implement many of its manifesto commitments. Another possible reason was raised by TV producer Daniel Brittain who has been involved in covering state occasions, wh said the physical stress of wearing the crown might have been an issue. It weights more than 1kg and the Queen is 91. "Just imagine walking round with a bag of flour on your head," he told the BBC's Today programme. The crown will be carried before the Queen, as it was for Queen Victoria.

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